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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  September 26, 2011 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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the history museum where linkedin is right now hosting the event. good morning i'm kristen sze. >> and shim cheryl jennings. aim i had -- -- amy the president is talking about jobs and the economy? >> reporter: yes dozens of supporters were here line being the streets. they let out a happy cheer when the president waved at them there were a couple of protesters, one shouted down by this crowd of supporters. i want to take you inside. linkedin has gathered 300 of its members to be here at this town hall-style meeting. they asked for members to submit questions and they chose the most popular ones. here's a look outside hours before the event. i understand the president is entering right now. we have a camera in there. we want to be able to show you and listen in to the president.
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sounds like the crowd is thrilled to see him. 300 people gathered from all across the country. they took all of the questions, they chose their most popular ones. then they pulled people to come and ask questions from online and also interest the crowd. we asked a pew people outside, what would you ask the -- a few people outside, what would you ask the president? >> anxious to see what is going to happen. >> reporter: what would your one question be for the president? >> great question. probably what is his message to young entrepreneurs who want to build something for themselves mere in the valley? >> reporter: if you had -- one question for president obama, what would you ask him? >> how do you really think your economic plan is going to improve the situation? >> reporter: here's another live look inside where president obama will be taking questions in a town hall style
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meeting. today his focus is pitch his 450 billion dollar jobs plan. an issue that will generate a lot of questions who are veried from in that issue. a lot of people talking about it -- outside the building. you can bet in won't be the last we'll see of the president this is his second visit in the last six months. this area here is very generous to him. in the 2008 election he raised 35 million dollars here. the town hall meeting something underway. let's listen in to what the president has to say. >> the president: the spark, innovation that is going to ensure our economic success in the 21st century. how can we prepare our workforce to be age to -in to this new economy? -- how do we recognize in this competitive environment, there are all kinds of opportunities that linkedin presents for interconnectedness and people being age to work together and
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spread idea -- being able to work together and spread ideas. at the same time standing there are perils. if our kids aren't properly educated if we don't have an infrastructure that is world class. if we are not investing in research and science. if we are not doing all the things that made us great in the past, then we are going to fall behind. we've got a short term challenge, which is how do we put people back to work right now? i put forth a proposal, the american jobs act that would put thousands of teachers back in the classrooms who have been laid off. that would make sure that we are rebidding our infrastructure, taking extraordinary numbers of construction workers who have -- who have been laid off when the housing bubble went bust and putting them to work rebuilding our roads, airports and schools and laying broadband lines. all the things that help us make a success.
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also, make sure we are providing small businesses, the kinds of tax incentives that will allow them to hire and success. i have said to congress, i understand that tears an election 14 months away. -- that there's an election 14 months way it is tempting to say we are not going to do anything until november of 2012. the american people cannot afford to way. the american people need help right now. all the proposals we've put forward in the american jobs act will not only help us now, but also in the future. will lay the found -- foundation for our long term success. last point then i want to get to questions. it is all paid for. it is paid for in part, by building on some very tough cuts in our bunt toe eliminate waste and things that we don't need that we've already made, a trillion dollars over the next 10 years. we've propose add additional half a trillion over the next 10 years of spending cuts and
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adjustments on programs that we want to keep intact but haven't been reformed in too long. but, what i've also said is in order to pay for it and bring down the deficit at the same time we have to reform our tax code in a way that is fair. and make sure that everybody is doing their fair share. i said this before, i'll say it again. warren buffett's secretary sant be paying a lower tax rate than warren buffett. somebody making $50,000 a year as a teacher shouldn't be paying a hire o'hare rate than somebody like myself or jeff who has been blessed. i don't know what you make -- jeff, but i'm guess who have been blessed by the incredible opportunities of this country. i say that because, whenever america has moved forward it is because we've moved forward together. we have to make sure that we are laying the foundation for
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the success of future generations and that means that each of us are doing our part to make sure we are investing in our future. with that, thank you so much for the terrific venue. i look forward to a bunch of great questions live and through whatever other -- you are watching the president's town hall for linkedin. the jeff he spoke of is the ceo of linkedin on stage moderating with him on this. >> we are streaming the president's town hall meeting right now on so you are not going to miss a thing. we invite you to share your comments at facebook. >> the president will get competition from three republican leaders. they are holding a town hall meeting of their own on jobs at facebook in palo al a live discussion and question and answer session will be held with eric cantor, kevin
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mccarthy and paul ryan. the facebook event is scheduled for 3 p.m.. we have good news for people hoping to make extra cash over the holidays. macy's plans to hire 78,000 employees for this year's thanksgiving and christmas shopping rush. positions will be open in sales, consumer service, customer service and distribution. most of the hiring will be for part-time work. there may be opportunities for year round employment. macy's' current higher plan marks a full percent increase in seasonal hiring over last year. >> the next abc 7 job higher event is next monday october 3rd, hilton garden inn. another congressional stale mate has federal government agency -- at issue money to fund fema which helps victims of natural disasters.
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there is a group and i do believe it is mostly senate and house in terms of some of these tea party republicans who say on every issue, we are going to make this a make or break. >> house version says a disaster has to be dealt with we are going to help people affected but start cutting the government in other places where the money is not so important. >> lawmakers have to come to agreement before friday that's when fema will run out of money. new home sales on pace for the worst year since the government began keeping records a half century ago. commerce department says sales fell more than 2% in august to a new six month low. analysts say this fourth straight monthly decline suggests the housing market is still years from recovery. federal officials say high unemployment, larger required down payments and tougher lending standards are preventing many from buying
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homes. final report on the deadly san bruno pipeline investigation reiterates pg&e was mainly to blame. ntsb's final report cites decades of deficiencies at every level of pg&e's operations, including laxed regulation. the ntsb says the pipes with faulty welds led to the blast. pg&e's president released these statements: win to learn from the accident and share those learnings across the industry so a tragedy of this magnitude never happens again many we are deeply sorry that our pipeline was the cause of the accident. we remain committed to supporting the city of san bruno. >> pg&e crews expected to be out today testing a gas pipeline that caused a scare over the weekend. police went door-to-door he
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evacuating residents on dover way after some reported the smell of natural gas. authorities were worried about a gas leak. that's the sound of the natural gas that spooked everybody. pge. says it was not a leak, instead a scheduled release. the utility promises to bring out a trick to quiet the sound so residents don't -- residents don't get worry. investigators investigating the death of a patient -- -- the patient died early saturday morning. the hospital is using replace nurses after locking out union nurses following a one day strike last thursday. both sides are blaming each other. >> this is one more example that sutter puts their profits before their patients. because if they cared about their patients we wouldn't be
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standing here in the rain. we would be inside where we belong. >> the hospital spokesman admitted the patient's death was probably the result of medical errors. but said it may not have happened in union nurses did not walk off the job. the hospital says all replacement nurses are experienced. the locked out nurses won't be allowed back until tomorrow. we are getting lots of reaction to this story on facebook. >> someone is mourning the death of a family member and they are playing the blame game. shame, shame. >> money over lives is inexcusable. >> with all the financial problems the world is having, it is such a bad idea to strike. now is the time to tighten your belts and give up to greed. >> you can join the conversation at abc7 news. skipping the shots. what a record number of young california students did not do
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before starting school and why it could risk the health of other students. marathon swimmer diana nyad failed to swim from cuba to florida and what she says
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student government leaders are trying to defuse a storm storm created by an upcoming bake sale a controversial fundraiser being held tomorrow. the price for cookie or
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brownie will depend on gender and ethnicity. the gop students are protesting pending legislation that would allow uc to consider race or ethnic origin in the admissions process. last night the student council passed a measure that would make it easier to file a complaint if students are offended by activities on campus. kin farrers in avoiding getting -- kindergarteners avoiding getting vaccines. 2 1/2% missed at least one vaccine with parents claiming personal belief conflicts. highest rate since 1978. before the requirements for the measles, mumps and rubella vaccines. officials -- more than swimmer diana nyad said she disappointed she didn't complete her attempt to swim from cuba to florida but
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does not plan on trying again. the 62-year-old had to quit halfway because she said the pain from the number of portuguese man-of-war stings was unspeakable. those stings left her face and lips -- swollen. >> [ inaudible ] when it hit the pain was paralyzing. i thought you know what, jellyfish this is going to happen all the way across you better suck it up. >> tough cookie. this is the l.a. woman's second attempt in the past two months. mike is in with the forecast looking pretty. >> looks nice, a lot of sun, warming trend on the way, temperatures could be above average for a couple of days.
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guess what comes this weekend? another cooling trend. we'll
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right now president obama is holding a town hall meeting in mountain view. this is a live picture inside the computer history museum where you can see the president speaking. this is the worldest largest
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online professional networking service link in hosting the event. >> president is talking about the economy, taxes and jobs. we are streaming the meeting for you. a lot of vip's in town. pressure on to deliver with the weather. >> i'm sure they were well aware of what the weather was going to be. 11:21. good morning. we brought them gorgeous bay area weather. they came just in time to see that the clouds are barely negligible. below the golden gate bridge. picture looking back across to oakland. you can see pretty much a cheer sky. another advantage point from the top down, 23,000 miles out. a little cloud cover, some fog in the central valley.
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wind heading southwest. it is going to clear out in the next hour or so. a lot of sun in the forecast for today. a difference from yesterday. here's our temperatures right now all in the mid to upper 60s. monterey bay low 60s in santa cruz mid to upper 60s elsewhere 70s inland to salinas. mostly sunny even at the coast and dry. early to midweek warming trend that starts today and starts to taper thursday into friday. you will notice cooler weather this weekend. right now mainly dry other than drizzle possible sunday morning. not as much rain as yesterday, nor as widespread. san francisco 2 up° -- san francisco up 2°. we get 12 hours of sun today. cold front in between systems. area of high pressure detq%jjt this is going to draw in warmth from the south and a little offshore wind
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that's why it will be warmer today, tomorrow and wednesday. next cold front will slide north around this area of high pressure no affect on our weather. low to mid 80s east bay valleys close to where we should be. same east bay shore 70 berkeley, 74 oakland, 75 fremont. south bay mid to upper 70s, san jose, sar toga around 78. palo alto mid to upper 60s along it coast,. mid 70s san rafael, upper 70s low 80s to your valley. mid 70s for the rest of cloudless bay. low 80s inland. three games left starting tonight with the rockies in town. breezy at the beginning 64° dropping down to 59. all of us in the 50s tonight. warming trend today jumping
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five to 10 degrees, three to six tomorrow and wednesday. low to mid 90s. low to mid 70s at the coast. by the time we get to sunday temperatures will be 10 to which -- 10 to 20° cooler than when they peak. m?<
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starting today abc is offering a new treat to daytime viewers it is called "the chew." it is all about food but not a cooking show. hosts say they will celebrate and explore life through food. the diverse panel includes clee chefs and entertaining expert and health and wellness expe it marks the first new series in 14 years. you can watch everyday from noon to 1. >> at 4:00 and 5:00 the hospital freebies that may be convincing new moms to skip breast-feeding. >> from 7 on your side, no matter what your financial concerns there's an advice line getting ready to take your calls. >> that's going to do it for now. thanks for joining us. you can watchinuing linkedin town hall meeting right now on our website abc7 >> we are streaming this and will have the latest at 4:00,
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